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This is the final video of the New Patient Pathway where we guide new patients through the steps of becoming a safe and legal patient in California. Step 3 goes over some basic guidelines and reminders for when patients visit their first dispensary and purchase their first marijuana medicines.
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You’ve gotten your Doctor’s Recommendation. You’ve learned a thing or two about medical marijuana. Now you’re ready to see if it works for you. When looking for a medical marijuana collective, we recommend you use the Finder on our Homepage to choose from a list of legal, Hopegrown approved Providers — businesses we’ve certified to be Safe, Clean, Welcoming and Knowledgable. But regardless of who you connect with to obtain your cannabis medicines, it’s important to remember some basic guidelines. Like, in California, you have to be at least 18 to purchase medical marijuana and you can’t sell your medicine to other people. You can’t medicate in public or right before you drive a vehicle. It’s also illegal to bring cannabis onto federal lands like national parks and illegal to put it in the mail or bring it across state lines. And, lastly: make sure you always purchase your medical marijuana from a business observing city ordinances and state cannabis laws.
When buying medical marijuana for the first time, most new patients often ask, “How much can I have?”. Well, according to the State of California, cannabis patients are allowed 6 mature or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of processed marijuana — way more than the average patient will ever need. So now you know the rules and you’ve even selected your cannabis destination. Before you or your caregiver hits the road, here’s some helpful reminders to make sure your visit as smooth as possible…
First, always make sure to have with you your original Doctor’s recommendation and photo ID–driver’s license or state issued ID will do. When in a dispensary or collective, make sure your phone is silenced and put away — most dispensaries don’t allow cellphone use– and bring cash as many businesses only take cash and may not have an ATM on site. And, finally, once you have your medicine, it’s best if you keep it in a safe place and head straight to your final destination.
Listen, if this seems like a whole lotta info all at once, don’t worry! The world of medical marijuana is a remarkable one, full of new discoveries that are happening every single day. That’s why, when you’re meeting with your Doctor or Provider, ask away! Asking lots of questions and staying informed will provide you with the most effective health choices possible.
So welcome and congratulations! You are now a part of a special community of patients — people who are boldly striving to explore alternative solutions to their chronic health problems. Please let us know at Hopegrown if there’s anything we can do to make this journey for you one of Better Health and Better Living. For more info or answers to related questions, visit our helpful FAQ or click on any of the info buttons on our New Patient Pathway.

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