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CBD ART: Raptatek – Tetra Hydro Canabinol – MUSIC AND THC

Music and THC !!!

Regardless of your musical taste, you are sure that you will know the times when music is the best medicine for a soothing and relaxing night at home. Sounds and music are known to ensure happiness and relaxation for us, people.
You may not have arrived (yet) until you have adapted your playlists to certain strains and/or moods, but if you like cannabis, you may want to hear some good songs while shooting one.
Sometimes time flies when you’re tall, while other times it almost stops. Although not hallucinogenic, some cannabis strains can trigger trippy effects. And if you’re as wide as a pickaxe, there’s nothing like good music.
Some people believe that cannabis can affect the perception of time and space, so this changed perception may help the user record otherwise inaudible sounds or gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of a song.
But what about cannabis combined with music? Does a small weed really make music better?
Many have tried to define exactly what happens in the brain under the influence of weeds and large decibels.
Timothy Leary, for example, believed in self-experimentation and routinely used a multitude of psychedelics to listen to music in the name of science. Leary believed that there are 6 levels of consciousness. This is described in his initial essay “The Politics, Ethics, and Meaning of Marijuana”, published in 1969 in The Marijuana Papers. [1]
His research into expanding awareness led him to conclude that marijuana, as a mild psychedelic, could lead a person to level 3, also known as the level of sensory awareness. Leary believed that musicians who smoke weeds reach this state of consciousness and somehow concentrate their eardrum more on sound waves.
In September 2017, the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology published a British study entitled “Cannabis dampens the effects of music in brain regions sensitive to reward and emotion”. Reward and emotion respond “). This study is the first to specifically analyze the combined effects of music and cannabis on the human brain. [2]
The cannabis used for the study was two Bedroose strains from the Netherlands. Participants vaporized 12% THC-Bedrobinol with negligible CBD content, as well as CBD-rich Bediol with 7.5% CBD and only 6% THC at the same time.
Of course, a placebo was also given. The most interesting was the selection of classical music. Maybe the weed didn’t go with that music? Who knows what results OG Kush would have achieved with Cypress Hill or Lemon Haze in collaboration with Neil Young?
The results suggest that cannabis with high THC or low CBD actually reduces our natural brain responses to music. But there was good news too: CBD has been shown to offset the potential negative effects of THC.
While some prefer classical music or Bob Marley, some enjoy the bird or the sound of the waves rolling along the shore. No matter what the explanation or theory you think – music can improve almost everything and sweeten your level absolutely.

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