Ronald Aung-Din – Neuromodulation: Treating Autism w Non-Systemic Direct Effects™ Cannabidiol (CBD) video

Human endocannabinoid system (ECS), functions in many ways to maintain health and wellbeing, among which is neuromodulation–changing or adjusting things so they exist or function in balanced or proper fashion and amount. As brain neurochemical and electrical imbalance and dysfunction are pathologic basis for autism and its symptoms, medical cannabinoid therapy is ideal for treating the condition at its core. 

Direct Effects™ therapy with cannabidiol, CBD, the “medical component of cannabis,” is unique in that therapeutic benefits are achieved through direct nerve connections to CNS (central nervous system). Bloodstream and blood-brain-barrier are bypassed, source of side-effects with traditional systemic drug therapies used in autism.

Science of endocannabinoid system (ECS) as it relates to autism will be presented. Direct Effects™ mechanism of action will be explained. Specific cases of autism and clinical data from the neurology practice will be shared, showing benefits of  Direct Effects™ CBD therapy.

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