What is CBD OIL? The Truth about Cannabidiol – Is it Right for You? video

The first and most accurate answer would be no, there are no side-effects or negative aspects regarding the way cannabidiol could affect the human body. In fact, so many individuals dealing with severe diseases, such as cancer, HIV, or silent health disturbances, like stress, anxiety, have very much praised the help that medical marijuana gave them. So here begins the complicated process of making people understand that there is a significant difference between medical marijuana and the one used for other purposes.

What is the difference?

Because several American states have legalized it, it must be something that brings benefits to citizens. Experts say that medical marijuana contains CBD or cannabidiol, which represents the non-toxic and non-active ingredient. This substance has nothing to do with THC, the psycho-active substance that is responsible for providing that “high” effect which everybody knows about.

In addition to this, the desperation that takes charge of people dealing with, let us say, cancer or mental disorders, is an important decision factor, because desperation equals need, and people who are in need are willing to try anything just to see some good results.

Why hasn’t it become legal all over the Earth?

The medical marijuana industry has become so active in the past few years, that people should be acutely aware of the fact that they might pay for something else than what they wish for. This means that there are certain individuals taking advantage of the people’s need to try this plant and so they might sell you more THC than CBD, the last one being recommended in supporting certain health treatments.

This way of thinking leads to covering so many interests, either political or those of mere citizens. Individual leaders prefer to not bring into the light this CBD substance because it comes from marijuana, a plant which is supposed to have certain “high” effects. This somehow pushes one to think about the fact that political leaders wish to protect their citizens, but choosing in our place is dictatorial, don’t you think?

We should be free to choose what we want to give to our bodies, taking full responsibility for the eventual consequences. Moreover, we should be free to know all there is to know about this plant the way its compounds can affect or not our health. As it was earlier mentioned, CBD seems to not bring any harm to one’s health, at least this is what scientifical studies show up until this moment.

No matter the context, take care!

Like any other supplement or additional substance given to the body with the purpose of supporting certain health treatments, no abuse is recommended. Also, certain health conditions need the detailed and caring look of a specialist. Although cannabidiol or CBD seems not to have any side effects, it is best to ask for a doctor’s advice on how to take it and when.

Certain heart condition, for instance, should be all the time monitored if any CBD therapy is followed, because cannabinoids seem to affect in some way the cardiac rhythm. Therefore, using it wisely can be the best decision one can make regarding this substance, cannabidiol. It can certainly bring so many benefits, as most scientifical studies show, but, of course, it can also harm one’s health if it is not taken carefully.


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