True Buds Show #2 Caiel Noble (Nourishing Noble) video

Caiel Noble (Nourishing Noble)joins Jack Woltering on the True Buds Show. They discuss their favorite way to smoke, content creation, pursuing your passion, and building your Brand.

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– Caiel recently took some time off smoking.
– Caiel loves cannabis and its benefits and believes in moderation.
– Caiel is a lover of Cannabis.
– He rarely smokes before making his ASMR videos.
– Caiel and Jack made several comedy videos together
-Jack smokes everyday, how much depends on the day
– Caiel and Jack both love rolling up.
-Jack does tons of cooking videos on True Buds TV
– Caiel doesn’t do edibles often.
– edibles are great for sleep.
– CBD is great but there are shitty and good products.
– We have to do our research more on cannabis products.
– You really need to know who your partnering especially if touching flower.
– Using CBD to balance your high
– CBD Energy
– CBD shops will turn into dispensaries.
– Smoking weed before working out .
– All you need is a couple hits before the gym.
-Caiel has been a creator for 1 year, he has an ASMR Channel.
– ASMR is a way to relax, help sleep, be more anxiety free.
– Caiel loves being a creator.
– It’s easy to over think content.
– ASMR you actual feel in your body, and gives you a super relaxed feel.
– Caiel does an example of ASMR.
– Your thinking about the audience what do they need.
– Everyone has different ways they like to be relaxed.
– Jack love the Stoner Comedy Videos the most on True Buds TV
– How to videos help get eyeballs.
– Caiel and Jack have been collaborating for about 6 years.
– Check out Jack and Caiel in the short film Gravo.
– Acting and it’s differences.
– Create something of your own and make it into something.
– You must master something before it can bear fruits.
– Jack wants the community to connect.
– Jack is going to build a film studio in dispensary in all in one.
– Jack is getting a True Buds strain.
– Just doing something your passionate about.
– This is a season of sacrifice that will lead to something beautiful in the end.
– So much opportunity in the Cannabis space.
– No shortcuts in building a community-
– Caiel and Jack rarely watch cable news.
– Social media is changing the news game.
– True Buds TV weed news.
– Go check out Caiel’s ASMR Channel.
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