0166 – The Self: The Architect Of The Universe – A Happy Pocketful of Money – 19th LiveReading video


The 19th LiveReading of A Happy Pocketful of Money by David Cameron Gikandi,  Today’s chapter is entitled “The Self: The Architect Of The Universe.”  Remember, this is the free LIVE-READING VERSION, not the audiobook, so it’s full of personal commentary and the like. Email address: [email protected] Our sponsors for this episode are: KaratBars at, Manna coffee, & Trip’s CBD oil, So if you want to support this show but just don’t have the capital right now, keep listening…hearing these paradigm-shifting words will increase you, but if you wanna have a little extra capital to throw around, think of cutting some things out of your life, like the daily trip through the coffee hut. -Did you realize that you can get an even better tasting brew for far cheaper through our sponsor that’s even enriched with what was called the fountain of youth for 4 thousand years in ancient China? -Did you know that you can save a TON on OTCs by using Trip’s sublingual CBD drops?  Better yet, you can make money with CTFO without ANY INVESTMENT OF YOUR OWN.  Just help them sell their products…you get a commission! To receive payments from us in the future, please sign up for a free account at: But for those of our listeners that write in saying you don’t want any coffee, nor any CBD oil, and never want to get paid for listening to podCasts(!!??), you can support us directly by making a donation at: #jesusChristOfNazareth #LiveReading #self #architectOfUniverse #escapeQuietDesperation #yourLife

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About that CBD oil.

About that CBD oil. video

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