CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help video

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help

Among all dog breeds, Golden Retrievers come off as among the most popular breeds. Even more so, they are considered the life of the family. This breed is loyal, sweet, and even good with children.
Yet, as excited as the Golden Retriever becomes as soon as he/she sees you, they can quickly become inactive and suffer from various health conditions.

In order to prevent this, you can use CBD oil which is a natural medication for your Golden Retriever. This product is extracted from hemp plants and contains little or no THC. Thus, poses no side-effects on your dog. The CBD product can be found in the form of oil or capsules which can be ingested orally by your dog or you can add it to the Golden Retriever’s meal.

Health conditions that Golden Retrievers experience
• Heart diseases – This includes chronic valve disease, cardiomyopathy and more which can worsen if the dog becomes overweight.

• Osteochondritis – This targets young developing dogs and affects the joints thus leading to lameness, joint effusion, and reduced mobility.

• Obesity and obesity-related issues – Goldens are prone to easy accumulation of weight and thus need regular exercise.

• Ear infections – Due to their big ears and love for water, Goldens can easily contract ear infections especially after swimming.

• Hip and elbow Dysplasia – This can result in inflammation, arthritis, pain, and lameness.

• Epilepsy – This can cause seizures that vary in intensity and severity.

• Separation anxiety – Since Golden Retrievers are loyal to their owners, they become easily attached to those who are constant in their lives, including their owners. Thus, if separated from such people, they can suffer from anxiety.

How does CBD help?

• Helps to regulate metabolism and appetite thus controlling the storage of fat. This reduces the risk of overweight issues.

• CBD helps to block serotonin thus reducing fear, stress and other anxiety issues while improving the dog’s mood.

• The product also helps in relieving pain and inflammation and even treating arthritis.

However, consult with your vet in order to determine the mode and amount of CBD medication or supplement. This way, you ensure that your dog does not overdose and also that the Golden Retriever gains the right health benefits of CBD oil.


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