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Learn how to get the most out of your CBD Face Serum and achieve radiant, stunning skin that’s also healthy beneath the surface. Follow these simple steps to make applying our CBD serum a regular part of your everyday skincare routine, and enjoy all the potential dermal benefits CBD has to offer. You can feel the difference our high quality ingredients the moment you apply the serum — so go ahead and indulge in a skincare product that was formulated with the utmost attention to detail at every stage of design!

Packed with 250mg full-spectrum CBD, Rejuvedoil face oil serum is made with 22 different high quality oils, extracts, botanicals and organically grown hemp extract. This luxurious phytonutrient rich serum is formulated to help regenerate skin cells, diminish signs of oxidative stress and make your skin glow. All ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Key Ingredients:

– Full-Spectrum CBD
– Rosella extract: Smoothing & Firming Action
– Jojoba oil: Skin Hydration
– Rose extract: Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
– Rosemary extract: Advanced Skin Repair

– Stimulate cell turnover
– Diminish signs of aging
– Prevent wrinkles
– Shields against free radical damage
– Renew skin elasticity


SERUM – Immediately after rinsing your face, dispense 8-10 drops of Rejuvediol CBD face oil.

WARM – With both hands, bring serum to skin temperature by gently rubbing between palms.

APPLY – Use your hands to pat the serum into your skin and distribute evenly to entire face and neck area.

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