Dan Bilzerian Talks Ignite Cannabis and Canadian Rollout Plans video

Ignite Cannabis Co founder and Instagram King Dan Bilzerian introduces viewers to his premium global cannabis brand, Ignite. Unlike many industry players, Ignite is not vertically integrated and plans to partner with leading growers and manufacturers to produce Ignite products. While Bilzerian is launching the brand, media personalities from a variety of industries, including Cardi B, Jai Paul, and Nikita Dragon, have also been involved in spreading the word. Bilzerian reveals the company is focusing on products with the broadest reach that can enter more legal jurisdictions. He discusses Ignite’s advertising campaign in the United States and discusses the benefits of not having a personal cannabis brand when it comes to entering the Canadian market. Bilzerian wants to develop a complete THC, CBD, and nicotine product to take on the e-cigarette market currently dominated by companies like Juul. He is committed to counting longstanding stereotypes about cannabis users and showing that cannabis consumption can be part of an active lifestyle. Bilzerian talks about using sativas as part of his workout routine in terms of benefits and drawbacks.


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