Go tell ’em – Prospecting and Marketing video

Go tell ’em – Prospecting and Marketing

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* This is the third of a number short videos to help you run and
promote your club

* The main area clubs can really improve on is prospecting

* We hardly ever try and attract people to our clubs – maybe an open day

* We can learn a lot from the gym industry — always prospecting for new
members, everyday, in all sorts of ways!

* Your marketing sub committee should look after this.

* Plan activity for six months, so that something is happening all the
time. Then re-evaluate and go again for the next six months.

Here are are some of the ways we prospect—build them into your plan

* Membership form—prospects – follow up

* Vouchers when somebody joins

* Lucky draw flyers in cafes, stores doctors etc.

* Letterbox flyer drops in local community

* Business card-sized vouchers mailed out to your members to give to

* Free trials — vital! Free week or free club day visits — whatever you
need to do to get them to try you out. Maybe have ten or twenty free
week memberships that people can use—give back—then you give it to the
next one. This will get you plenty of new interest. Offer this free
week on your website as we do on our website

* Open day. Have at least one open day a year. Put in a lot of effort.
This is handled separately in another video.

* Community radio. Use this to promote a free club day, a free day for
kids or a free for parents and kids day!

* Free local paper. Quite a large readership and much cheaper than the
larger papers. Develop a relationship with the editor. Get
local/national and international squash news in there See if they will
give you a good deal on advertising. Maybe an advertorial

* Have a club bumper sticker. Great advertising.

* Have someone walk around your CBD area and give out fliers of whatever
promo you have on. Go into all the shops and business buildings and
give them out – people are always happy to help.

* Promote to other local sports clubs. Have a club day for the local
rugby team/football teams/netball team.

* Do the same with fliers to local schools. Free day.

* Map out 6 months of activities from the above suggestions, and others.

* If you need any help contact [email protected]

Contact Rob at [email protected] with regards to any of the above.

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