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Hello Youtube & Welcome To Astral Grasp Tarot. Please Remember that Energy is Fluid so take each how it Resonates with your situation only Please. I do use profane language in my readings, if this bothers please find a reader that best suits you & please give me an EMOJI down in the COMMENTS for how you feel about the reading. All emoji’s Welcome.

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My Readings are intended to guide you down the path you will choose whether it’s because it’s the right thing to do or because for whatever reason at the time you feel you have to do. My job will be to help you in any decisions by providing Guidance from Spirit, Archangels, & the Milky Way.


Roles may be reversed or intertwined depending on the depth of the connection and similarities within your charts. Please be aware that anyone who is tapping into your energy may effect minor details on your energy which will in turn effect your perception of the person you have in mind for any reading. Please understand that the energy you are operating in will also effect how your energy will be perceived. Also if the reading resonates to your feelings only or represents you mostly then the other persons energy for you isn’t strong enough to be read in a general Youtube reading, Please Book A personal reading for more details on your situation.

DISCLAIMER: These are general readings for entertaining purposes only. Any judgements made after viewing this reading are to be/ were made from your own determination. No rights to any music.

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