Cat Diagnosed with mouth Cancer treated and healed with RSO video

This is a short story of my cat pulling through cancer with an aid of RSO (Rick Simpson oil) otherwise known as Phoenix tears.
RSO is cannabis oil which is very potent and known to treat many illnesses.
After my car been diagnosed with mouth cancer, I decided to give a go as I didn’t have the money to go through an operation that didn’t guarantee in anyway that she will pull through it and live. They quoted me some £1100 for the op.
What this substance done in 1 day is absolutely breath taking.
And no wonder drug from pharmaceuticals would ever do something like this with cancer.

Cannabis is illegal in most countries, and there is a reason why.

Do you think that pharmaceutical companies would want to loose their massive incomes and the ” lavish lives” that they are living? Not even talking about the millions of people that use prescribed medicine on daily basis, and then take some more to treat the side effects caused by the other drugs. Before you know it, you are popping some 20 pills a day whilst they are making money of other people’s misery

Sorry the video is not the best but gives you an idea of what this can do.
Hope it helps someone out there and gives hope to those that feel helpless.

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