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Smoking and eating cannabis isn’t always the best choice for those with chronic or terminal illness. Fifth generation Oregonian, Paula-Noel Macfie, Ph.D. leads a powerful revolution called Back Door Medicine. In this video, she teaches how to make your own cannabis suppositories and why this method is becoming widely approved by naturopaths and medical doctors. As a single mother with MS, this way of ingesting cannabis has been a life saver to her. Today, she teaches how to use this sacred plant for root chakra and whole body healing.

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0:12 An Intuitive Brain
I’ve been a cannabis user for over 25 years, in doing that I ended up getting my medical card because MS qualifies. I was having some complications with my MS. I developed my second rectal fission. I went to my naturopath, I went to my medical doctor, I tired everything I could find, nothing was helping. I got online, because something in my brain, my intuitive brain, clicked on, and it said, go see what cannabis can do for this.

0:42 Cannabis Cures Cancer
My brother, who passed away about 5 years ago, died of rectal and liver cancer. It’s kind of always been with me. I found a recipe, and at literally 2 in the morning I used a straw, I tried to figure out what I could use for a mold, and I happened to have some of the oil. In 2 days everything was completely gone. Everything was completely healed, there were no hemhorroids, there was no fissure, it was sort of my epiphany moment. Like, “Oh my gosh, if this can do this for me, what can this do for all these people I know that are suffering?”

1:18 A Healthy Base
With the suppositories you’ve got to have something as a base. You can find it online, I got this at New Season. I would add together the base and the cannabis oil, and I prefer a 1:1 ratio, 1:1 being 1 gram of THC and 1 gram of CBD.

1:38 Suppository Molds
This is a suppository mold. I ordered this online, this is a very standard mold, and when you order them online they all really look like this. Cacao butter. Add a cup of cacao butter. Okay, so you melt if first? Yeah, we’re going to turn on the oven here.

1:54 Cannabis Recipes
Yeah that’s good. Then we want to melt it. Like that? Yeah, that’s good. We want to melt it so that it doesn’t boil, but it just takes what’s solid and gets it into a liquid. Love about this is that although I’m using 2 grams of oil, there’s only .23 milligrams, .23-.25 milligrams of THC and CBD in it. It’s a very, very, small amount of THC and CBD,

2:20 Backdoor Medicine
but what that small amount does, is that it goes into the backdoor, and it goes directly into the bloodstream, and it bypasses the liver. The medicine goes directly to activating the endocannabinoid system, it goes directly to the pain, and the inflammation. It does not give you a head high.

2:40 Pouring Oil
This is the THC, I just squirt the gram in. Oh look at that. There we go. This is the CBD oil. This is the CBD oil. Same stick consistency. Same, yeah, yeah.

2:54 Making The Suppositories
Once the cannabis oil hits the cacao butter with it heated up, it just sort of immediately blends. What I’m going to do now is pour it into here just to give us a place to draw from. It’s just got this really beautiful golden green. I have this 2.5 milliliter syringe. This is 2 milliliters suppository mold. That’s a mother plant, that’s a big deal. All right. There’s that. All we do is put it in the freezer for 1 hour.

3:30 Works Fast
It works within 10 to 15 minutes. I could describe it as like my bum feeling really good. Yeah, this is what they look like when they come out.Great.

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