Sickie Girl – Daith Piercings, CBD Oil & Migraines – Comments I've Heard. Do They Work? video

I did this video week’s ago before feeling so horrible. So, here is the issue’s & questions raised in my Migraine Group.

Do Daiths work on migraines?
Does CBD Oil work on Migraines?

The answer to 1. An unequivocal no. I have a Daith and I got it because a friend told me that it takes away migraines. Even though I did my research and the research could not show that having one did anything for migraine sufferers.

I thought I would try it anyway because it work’s on the same premise as acupuncture. Now, I just have another hole in my head and it changed nothing. Not one bit, not even a smidge. The second was, something I heard on here, that CBD Oil cures everything. I can firmly say NO…no it doesn’t. I went on the cancer site’s and they had been asking people to stop spreading false news because they are causing harm and worse yet, death.

A beautiful young gal in her early 20s had a baby with her husband and was diagnosed with cancer. Her story is on YT and one of the 1st stories I came across. She was told by people that she could be cured from cancer if she did supplements and used CBD Oil. The people we’re so convincing that even though against her husband & Oncology Doctor’s wishes, she stopped going to chemo and tried this treatment plan.

Month’s later, she felt at one point she was getting better, then after, she felt very sick. She spoke to these people who told her that’s ok it’s her body healing itself. Wrong! She got so sick her husband took her back to the doctor’s. Her cancer now stage 4 and nothing they could do but make her comfortable.

She cried because she would soon be leaving her beautiful baby girl and husband. Why? because she was silly enough to trust people that told her to do this and that it would cure her. She passed away not before doing a video asking people to please stop listening to people like she did. If she listened to her doctor’s she’d be alive today. It was in the early stages. Her little girl would have a mother but she was stupid and she can’t take it back.

Please before you make decisions about anything, please research it. A woman in my Migraine Group did the same and when questioned about Daiths she changed her tune and said well if you have hormonal issue’s, the daith won’t work. I said I didn’t have hormonal issue’s. Still waiting for a response.

Rely on yourself and trust in your treatment plan’s with your doctor’s. Do what’s best for you. CBD does help with nausea I can say that. It’s hit and miss. Just like the icecap.

I just felt it was important to raise 2 very important issues.

And yet I smile



Soon I will add Ileostomy to my ever growing list.

“And Yet I Smile” King Ezekiel
“One Step At A Time” – Me
“Don’t Turn Around You’re Not Going That Way”- Me
“Something Good Is Going To Happen For Me Today” – Joyce Meyer

Keep putting one foot in front of the other as long as you keep moving forward, that’s what counts.

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