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Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting podcast! Today. Cancer survivor April Saull is back to talk to us more about CBD oil because we’ve gotten so many questions about it! We have included some links below that we mentioned throughout the episode! Enjoy episode 43 of the podcast!

Bob Melomede:

Acai Bowl Recipe:

Celery Juice:

Shows April Mentioned: Run from the Cure, World without Cancer, Rockefeller Medicine

Q- :40

I am a big fan of April’s and I love following her on Instagram and Facebook! I can’t believe how incredible her body looks. Not only is she thin, but she is STRONG and fit! What kinds of workouts do you do to stay so chiseled?

-Joanne in Virginia Beach

Q- 10:37

I keep hearing great things about CBD oil and I ordered some that is supposed to taste like Peppermint. The container says that I should take 20 drops but I put it in water and it just tastes NASTY. Am I taking it wrong, and is there a better way that I can do this or something else I can mix it with?

-Christy in Austin

Q- 12:48

Overnight it seems like everyone is talking about CBD oil. I have several friends that are distributing it and everyone says that theirs is the best! In your opinion, where is the best place to order CBD oil and is it worth it to pay for the more expensive brands?

-Kara in Tampa

Q- 14:11

April’s podcast was so inspiring. I recently had a close family member diagnosed with brain cancer. She is undergoing chemo and radiation after surgery and is just so miserable! I am trying so hard to convince her to consider an alternate approach, because I truly believe it has the power to heal her! But she is so stuck on her doctor’s orders. What would you say to your family member if you were me?


Q- 15:25

In her podcast, April talked about how she did a TON of research and really educated herself after her diagnosis. If I wanted to do similar research of my own, where is the best place to get started? What are some of your favorite resources?

-Jamie in Connecticut

Q- 17:07

My CBD oil just came in the mail! I am excited to get started but want to make sure that I am doing it right. What is the best time of day to take this, and should I take it with food or on an empty stomach?

-Erin in NC

Q- 19:24

Can someone please explain the difference in CBD oil and Cannabis? From my understanding, CBD oil is completely legal, but cannabis is still illegal in many states. I want to make sure I am staying out of trouble LOL but also want to be sure I am taking advantage of some of as many benefits LEGALLY as I can!

-Alison in Virginia

Q- 20:42 I loved listening to April’s podcast with her friend. She talked a lot about how she cleaned up her diet after her diagnosis. What would you say are some of the top healing foods that I should focus on eating?

-Jennifer in Massachusetts

Q- 22:35

I recently ordered CBD oil and when I took it, I got extremely nauseous. I took 20 drops in my water as the Directions called for. Did I take too much, or is this normal when you take it for the first time?

-Karen in Chesapeake

Q- 23:09

Can you put into really simple terms the difference in CBD and THC oil? From what I understand one is completely legal and the other isn’t. Do they have the same effects?

-Noah in Suffolk

Q- 25:20

On your podcast with April, she talked a little about the endocannabinoid system and how this is an untapped system in most of our bodies. Can you expand on this and explain it some more? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Can my endocannabinoid system help regulate my thyroid function?

* Jennifer in Boston

Q- 26:31

I was talking to a friend the other day who told me that celery juice is really good for you! I was really shocked because I have always been told that it was primarily water and just didn’t have a lot of substance. What are some benefits of celery juice and what is the best way to prepare it?

-Josh in Chesapeake

Q- 39:56

33 I’ve been researching the Vegan diet, and I know that April is a big fan of it. I am learning all kinds of stuff about plant based proteins and wanted to see which ones you recommend or are your favorite protein sources?

-Claire in Alexandria

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