What Is CBD Oil, Hemp Oil-Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Drs knox discuss cancer and more! video

CBD Oil cancer research is on the rise.
The Knox family is made up of four doctors ( ER, clinical research, MD’s,MBA’s) who work with marijuana and cbd oil to help their patients.

0:53 Dr. Knox explains her preconceived notions about cannabis users

1:21 *** dr.Knox’s daughters graduate from med school with MD’s and MBA’s

2:06 *** How the life of a 15 month old baby was literally saved in part by cbd oil.

3:22 *** Dr.Knox explains what doctors can and cant do

4:40 *** Dr. Jessica Knox explains how her DR. mom became a cannabis warrior
5:59 *** David Knox (dad) is an ER doctor and he explains what he see’s daily.

6:38 *** Dr.Knox (mom) explains the stigma attached to marijuana and how she pushed past it!

7:15 *** The science behind CBD
7:53 *** Do you get stoned using cbd? (funny) 🙂
8:58 *** How do you figure out who needs it?

CBD oil for pain, cbd oil for adhd and many other conditions.

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