Chris’ Anterior Hip Replacement Story video

As a life-long skier and Windsurfer, Chris was diagnosed with a hip condition at birth, which continuously degenerated throughout his life. At 40 his range of motion was limited and pain started filling his joints. Unable to continue doing the activities he loved, we explored various alternative treatments including yoga, massage, and CBD to help Chris cope with his pain and discomfort. When the pain was too much to bear, we replaced his hip via the anterior approach and in this video, Chris talks about his story and road to recovery.

Unfortunately, Chris’ story is not unique in our practice and we see a lot of patients who come in with the first symptoms of arthritic hip complaints or challenges with the biomechanics of their hip. The first step is always seeing if we can do something to keep the hip going. In Chris’ case, we were able to effectively manage his symptoms for several years before it was finally time to move forward with hip replacement via the anterior approach.

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