Michael Caridi on How Walmart Might Hold Your Answer for Pain Management | PE #HashtagFinance video

CSE’s Barrington Miller recently sat down with Michael Caridi, Chairman of Tree of Knowledge International Corp. (CSE:TOKI), to discuss the company’s journey from its early days as an X Games sponsor to now being a fixture in Walmart-based pain clinics.

In this discussion, Michael shares how the company’s strategic alliance with Jack Nathan Medical is helping steer patients toward opioid alternatives (1:10), the reasons why education is a key differentiator in the industry (5:10), and how one innovation they have developed applies nanotechnology utilizing CBD and gold particles to treat tumors through ultrasound (7:27).

Listen until the end to learn what surprised Michael in the cannabis space in 2019 and the life changing epilepsy treatments he has witnessed in Brazil.

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