Pain relief Experience after using Far Infrared Sauna – Dave Has Pain Getting Up from Chairs. After a Short Sauna, “I Jumped Right Up.” One of the Best Pain Relief Tools. Far Infrared Saunas for Pain Relief. video

pain relief after using far infrared sauna

Experience in Pain relief from using the Relax far infrared sauna.

Pain and discomfort gone after 1 far infrared sauna session.
After years of research on infrared saunas, Dave tried the Relax far infrared sauna. The pain and discomfort he normally experienced when standing up from sitting were gone after 1 session in the Relax sauna.
He likes the portability of the Relax sauna, also He noticed the speed at which the Relax sauna heats up.

This is a spontaneous Relax Sauna testimonial:

After Dave bought his new Relax sauna, he said, “I had been researching a couple years about saunas so I wanted to try yours out. Within two little sessions of five minutes each, I felt really great. I have a condition that sometimes it’s hard to get up and down from chairs and I have a lot of pain and discomfort when I get up. After the little session, I jumped right up with no discomfort, no pain at all. I’ll do the jig out the door! So it’s great and I appreciate it. I know I’m going to get healthier every day using it.”

Asked what impressed him about the sauna, he said, “the ease of it. It’s compact. It is easy to put up. It doesn’t cost 4000+ and sit in a corner and not get used. But this, when you travel and we can take it with us and use it wherever we go. Asked about how long it took to heat up he said, “it was almost instant. I know the other ones take quite a while to heat up.”

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