[Read] The Athlete’s Guide to CBD: Treat Pain and Inflammation, Maximize Recovery, and Sleep video
A guide to safely and legally using CBD to treat injuries and enhance performance.
CBD has officially gone mainstream, but many people are still confused about the uses, effects, legality, and safety of the product–and many have yet to realize the incredible benefits CBD offers active people. In this comprehensive guide, veteran sports author Scott Douglas breaks down the many ways athletes can benefit from using CBD products. CBD can be used as a natural treatment for sports injuries, as a sleep aid and treatment for athletic anxiety, and to maximize recovery from a workout. People of all levels of physical activity will benefit from the guidance in this book, from the lightly active to competitive athletes.The Athlete’s Guide to CBD also includes information about the different forms of CBD, what to look for when purchasing the product, and the legal background and future of CBD. With input from leading industry analysts and testimonials from athletes of all levels, The Athlete’s Guide to CBD shines a light on this exciting new wellness trend. For Kindle

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