11 Tiniest Choices for Unusual Pets video

From the itty, bitty Octopus Wolfi, to the infamous pet rock, here are 11 Tiniest Choices For Unusual Pets. r
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5 – Octopus Wolfir
You can just call this adorable finger pet the worlds smallest Octopus. These startling small sea creatures were discovered in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the year 1913. These tiny aquatic creatures only grow to approximately 1.5 centimetres in total length and weigh less than a gram. These ocean miniature creatures have eight arms, three miniscule hearts pumping that blue blood of theirs, squirt ink, and have no bones. Theyre considered as being very intelligent animals despite their small stature. They enjoy toys and puzzles in a spacious aquarium. Make sure to buy a tight heavy lid as they are known to be excellent escape artists. Remember, even though small, these octopuses are born hunters and must be fed live food. Take great care and please do a bit of research as octopuses are an exotic species and require lots of special attention and preemptive care. r
4 – Hedgehogsr
These spiny mammals share a similar lineage to that of a shrew and have changed little over the last 15 million years. These largely nocturnal creatures are ually incredibly friendly and are known for growing extremely affectionate with their owners rather quickly. These low maintenance animals do require lots of attention, especially when they are just babies. Best to do some research as these pets are banned in several parts of the world. Hedgehogs roll into tiny balls when they feel threatened. These adorable companions have quite the appetite so make sure to give them lots of space to play as they have a tendency to become obese. You will often find these charming creatures squealing, snorting and snuffing, in super cute overtones. Temperature control is important as well as tender love and care. They have a simplistic diet of high grade prepared foods like fruits and insects and are known to not be sociable, so there should only be one pre household. r
3 – Ratsr
Rats are long-tailed rodents and most people think of these animals as nothing more than just mere pests but they happen to make some of the most loyal companions around and are an ideal pet. These tiny creatures are known for being highly intelligent, easy going, and lots of fun. These lovable fur balls are also said to be easy to tame and handle. They happen to be highly sociable creatures that are rather easy to train once theyve gotten acquainted to their new owner. Like any other pet, they require an enormous amount of attention and annual visits to a vet due to their ability to get sick. Rats are loving creatures who love to run around their environment and can be taught a variety of simple tricks as well. Known for being friendly, affectionate, and curious, these scurrying little ones tend to be associated with a bad reputation but that can easily be changed when you give them opportunity to prove themselves.r
2 – Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroachesr
Heres an odd choice of pet which is quickly gaining a heavy fanbase. These giant cockroaches are incapable of biting, scratching, or spraying. These bugs move quite slowly and are easy to catch. And being that these creatures can survive an atomic fallout, these charming critters are pretty much indestructible, which means no lengthy pet bills from veterinarians. These pet bugs dont require a lot of food as you can go away for a whole month and these nifty roaches wont die but will instead adjust their high powered metabolisms accordingly. These lovable cockroaches will eat anything, even their own molts. Madagascar Hissing roaches tend to live for only about 5 years and grow to length of around 3 cm. These roaches have inhabited this world in their present state for 365 million years, how mind blowing is that? r
1 – Pet Rockr
By far the best low maintenance pet in the whole wide world belongs to the pet rock and as there are millions at your disposal outside of your bedroom window the size of your pet rock is up to you. Pebbles, for instance, make fantastic pet rocks and when you get bored with it you can skip it over a river or lake. You have the option of buying the collectable 1975 model brand name pet rock but any rock should do really. Add googly eyes for an additional visibility accessory. You never have to feed, water, or groom them and they will live for millions of years.

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