CBD for Dogs- Medical Marijuana for Dogs Studied at the University of Colorado. video

The University of Colorado is doing a study on how CBD Oil can help dogs with medical issues. Prana Pets CBD Oil was used by one of the techs in this video. Links to the articles are listed below.


With CBD Oil breaking into the mainstream, many pet owners are asking, “is CBD Oil safe for your pet?” Pet owners are turning to CBD Oil to help treat a wide range of ailments in their dogs. Until recently, marijuana products were considered taboo in our society.Grocery stores now carry it in the forms of protein powders, lotions, soaps and even milk.

Although CBD Oil comes from the Marijuana Plant it does not contain any THC which is what causes intoxication. CBD does not cause you or your pet to get high. That being said, people who are not familiar with CBD are concerned about possible side effects.

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