CBD FOR DOGS WITH SEIZURES – Can CBD Treat Epilepsy in Pets? video

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In this video we discuss CBD for dogs with seizures and epilepsy.

We cover how CBD can help dogs with seizures, and highlight some great studies. It’s clear based on various studies, human testimonials, and a growing number of pet reviews that CBD is working really well at treating epilepsy and seizures.

This video is for informational purposes only, and is not medical advice, however looking at the studies and testimonials it’s clear that CBD can have positive results on reducing, and sometimes even eliminating seizures in dogs. Because we are not veterinarians, it is recommended to consult with your vet before using new supplements with your dog.

There are hundreds of cases where pet owners report that after taking CBD, their dog’s seizures have reduced in frequency and severity. There are also many cases where pet owners have reported that their dogs no longer get any seizures after using CBD.

If your pet is suffering right now, then CBD could help!

For information on the studies that were highlighted in this video, or the specific brands of pet CBD products that were mentioned, check out our official website.

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