CBD Helps This Deaf and Visually Impaired Dog Take Control of Their Anxiety video

Meet Finnegan he’s an Australian Shepherd who’s completely deaf and visually impaired due to improperly breeding two merle dogs. When this happens, one in four dogs ends up like Finnegan. Finn was fortunate enough to find a lovely home with Kelly, but because of his impairments and past Finn suffers from anxiety.

Anxiety is pretty nasty for this loveable pup, and it’s common for it to overtake him. In these fits of barking and confusion, Kelly finds it impossible to reach Finn. With CBD Kelly says that has completely changed. CBD helps calm Finn when he experiences a panic attack. Kelly found that CBD was the key to her being able to embrace and care for Finnegan when he needs it the most.

Now Kelly wants everyone to know about the ways CBD can help.

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