Does #CBDOil Work For Dogs? LIES? I Took My Dog's #CBD and Here's What I Learned. video

MediPets gave me a bottle of #CBDOIL for #Pets to review and I don’t think this video is what they wanted to hear. ** CLICK Show MORE TO SEE TOP PRODUCTS **
Watch this video and let me know if you’d still try this product the way I did.
Do you have a PET SAFE CBD OIL for us to try?
Have you tried CBD for yourself or your pet?
Comment and let me know!

Here’s the video summary: The MediPets CBD Oil is a low quality product labeled as a tincture when it’s actually a VAPE fluid. :C Quality tinctures contain full spectrum CBD oil, a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut/MCT, and that’s it unless it’s flavored.
A vape fluid had CBD, usually isolate, glycol and vegetable glycerin meant to burn on the coils of a vape pen, not meant for ingestion.
This “pet” formula is actually VAPE formula. I passed on giving it to my Boston Terrier but got a noticeable result taking it myself.
Compare the label to the website for yourself:

SO What CBD Oil companies do I recommend for safe products?
Canna-Pet CBD Capsules, Tinctures, Treats:
Elixinol Dog Treats:
Koi CBD Pet Spray and Chews :
King Kalm Tincture with Krill and Lavender :

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