Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Review with Talk About Animal Crossing video

This week I review cannabis from Dankorage, starting with Gorilla Glue #4 and I talk about Animal Crossing.

The aroma has me stumped. There is definitely an earthy fragrance and some sort of industrial smell. What I mean by industrial is something you would smell in a factory or warehouse. After getting a second opinion, I was told it smelled of some kind of gas. After smelling over and over, I noticed there is a faint black pepper aroma too. As to the industrial smell, I cannot put my finger on it.

The buds are beautiful and frosty, just like we like them! Wonderful trim job that shaped the bud very nicely and made her look happy. That’s what you get from cultivators like Happy Harvest Company! They grew this batch and these buds have a THC of 18.55% with no CBD. Fire it up and rip some smooth hits that resemble the same aroma that confused this guy! 

This strain is equally balanced as a hybrid. Both my body and mind were greatly affected. My nerve pain and a few aches subsided, allowing for my body to relax. Anxiety went away as well as my memory. I actually forgot that I was recording this strain review and what I wanted to talk about. The body high started to get a little heavy and if you are new to cannabis, this one may make you feel too stoned. Luckily you won’t remember! Seriously though, this strain feels perfect to use if you are having high anxiety and worries. Smoke, relax, and forget!

Today I wanted to talk about Animal Crossing to tell everyone there are Mario Items in the game that are currently available. I try and talk about the game, but honestly the GG #4 really messed with my memory. I couldn’t even remember playing the game, which I have been doing recently. The best part of this talk is me explaining how to manipulate the Turnip Stock Market to make yourself MILLIONS OF BELLS!!! Sorry this strain kicked my ass! That is a sign of some good weed! If you try it, please let me know what you smell!

Good Bye and Stay High!

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