How Hemp CBD Pellets Help This Champion Horse Enjoy Retirement video

We’re excited to welcome Tattoo and his owner Kelly into our hemp CBD family. This handsome Missouri Fox Trotter is a former Breeder Cup Champion and produced 41 champions horses of his own. That’s a lot of work, so when retirement came along, you can bet your butt Tattoo was ready to kick back and relax. This big lug was loving retirement, but then his owner Kelly noticed Tattoo was off. He was moving slower with a limp, experiencing pain in his joints, and becoming easier to agitate.

Kelly wanted Tattoo to have the retirement he deserved. So she started giving him our Hemp CBD Equine Pellets, and to say it made a big difference is an understatement. His trout picks up better, he’s enjoying riding again, and he isn’t off in his shoulders and feet anymore. And others are taking notice around the farm. He might be 27 years old, but Kelly still calls Tattoo her champion and so do we!

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