TOP 15 Tips and Tricks For Your Pets video


In this video, we combine both and share 15 of our pet tips and tricks.

Did you know that light colored animals can also suffer from sunburn? Protect your pet from this by applying a little sunscreen SPF 15 on the nose and the tips of your pet’s ears.

If you have bought a new brand of food and your dog does not want to eat it, place a piece of dried meat in the bag and close it again. The next day, the smell will have faded into the food, making it look much more appetizing.

When shopping for pet food, be sure to compare the prices at the pet store with those at your store. A recent study found that pet food tends to cost more in stores that are full of people who are already buying pet products.

The busiest days at the pet hairdresser are Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Find a hairdresser that offers discounts from Tuesday to Thursday, or ask your hairdresser if he will offer you a discount for coming midweek.

If there is a specific piece of furniture that you do not want your cat to scratch, try this: in a spray bottle, mix a cup of water with a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon and a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Put it in a spray bottle and test it in a discreet area of ​​your furniture to make sure it does not get stained. Cats hate the smell and do not want it in their paws. Repeat every few days until you find another place to scratch.

If you have a new puppy and have been chewing the legs of the chair and table, go to your local store for vitamins or healthy foods, and ask for some clove oil. The clove oil for us smells really good, but it’s terrible for dogs. Clean the legs of anything wooden, and he will stay away.

If your cat or dog likes to chew on electrical cords, unplug the electronic components, then rub the cords with a slice of lemon. Once they have dried, you can reconnect them. Animals hate the taste of lemon and will stay away.

If your cat’s litter box smells, well, rinse it and add half an inch of white vinegar to the box. Let it sit for half an hour, then whisk it, rinse and dry the box.

Did you know that salt water eliminates fleas? If you live near the ocean, let your dog swim to get rid of fleas naturally.

Never again have to throw away a plate of pet food infested with ants! If the ants are still hidden in your pet’s food, you should know this advice. The ants can not swim! Place the bowl of dog or cat food in a shallow bowl filled with water.

If your cat or dog has a horrible breath, try adding some fresh chopped parsley to your food. It counteracts the bad breath odor, so you can then snuggle closer to you.

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