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There are some key things you want to keep in mind if you want to use CBD for youe pets.

1. CBD is main cannabinoid you want to use for your pet. THC is not well tolerated by animals. However, a small amount of THC, such as the small amount present in a full plant extract CBD hemp oil (0.3%) is okay and beneficial.

2. Products labeled as “CBD for pets” are the same CBD oil as for people. There are no special pet remedies. But the dosage for pets varies.

3. Pets are generally smaller in bodyweight than humans who use CBD. Thus you should use a smaller dose for you pet. For example: I weigh 165 lbs. My dog weighs 70 lbs. If I normally take 10 mg of CBD twice a day, I would give my dog no more than 5 mg of CBD twice a day to start. Just use common sense and go low and slow at first while you are testing the waters on how CBD will affect your pet. CBD is safe for pets and humans but we always want to be better safe than sorry.

4. Always talk to a vet before giving your pet CBD. However, be prepared for the vet to have no idea about CBD since many vets are not knowledgeable about CBD for animals yet.

5. Always monitor your pet’s reaction when you use CBD for them. Never ever give your pet high amounts of THC – this is not advised to do.

6. CBD can help pets with pain relief, anxiety, and quality of life – just like for humans.

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Example dosage chart for pets:

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