400mg/gram nånoHEMP Water Soluble video

nånoPowder mix – 3min time lapse to show the clarity.

At last, a fully water soluble nånoized Phytocannabinoid Whole Plant HEMP extract for the purest and most efficient CBD absorption. 

Improved Health & Longevity through

Pure absorption
nånoHEMPs’ CBD is produced at 10-20nanometers to be efficiently transported to penetrate the blood brain barrier. Scientifically proven to have 20x more absorption than *standard* CBD. On average 5% of 100mg standard CBD dose is absorbed.

nånoHEMP has a 100% absorption ability.

1ml of Water soluble nånoFULLSPECTRUM = 20mg active & measurable CBD * 20x absorption = 400mg of standard CBD, Isolate – HEMP oil – Distillate.

The HEMP plant contains many cannabinoids,
one of which is Cannabidiol (CBD). nånoHEMP is grown by licensed Industrial HEMP farms and extracted from a cGMP facility in the USA for the purest CBD on the market.

We then encase the CBD molecule with our proprietary patented IP with 5 FDA approved GRAS certified ingredients for superior absorption, 20 times better than leading competitors. Scientifically Proven. No Degradation.

Efficacy: Patented protected nånoHEMP does NOT degrade in the stomach, enhancing the transport of CBD to the bloodstream by breaking through the blood brain barrier @ 10 – 20 nånometers delivering pure CBD to the sites in the body where it needs to achieve the desired response.

• Cosmetics/Topicals
• Liquid Capsules
• OTF – Oral thin film
• Pet products
• Water
• Ready-to-drink beverages
• Oral Sprays, pain relief sprays
• Salve’s, Gummies
• tinctures
• many more …

• lower dose requirements, easy preparation
• decreased formulation costs
• 10-20nånometers
• thermodynamically accelerated stability analysis = enhanced shelf life (3 years)
• withstands pasteurization
• does not degrade in stomach acids

** Compared with the competitor’s standard CBD in an MCT oil carrier, nånoHEMP was 
20x more effective in getting into the bloodstream at 30 minutes post-ingestion. The measurement comes from a biological system, this number may vary from person to person, many times exceeding 20x.

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