Best how to DIY cannabis oil (hemp / CBD) – simple, instant heat infusion video

Simple tips from premium cannabis oil producer how to make your own medication.

This recipe is when you want to prepare an instant infusion. You can use hemp leaf if cannabis is not legal. The best is to use 1:1 THC: CBD.

We have made this oil a few times when in need of an instant preparation. It is very effective and beats most concentrate preps. The so called “Risk Simpson” method with alcohol is also good but takes at least 30 days if to be really effectful. Please check our youtube channel for more videos.

The method shown is easier, you get an instant product that takes little time to prepare. The oil has a delicious “food quality” oil. Eaten, with foods to it goes through the important vitality center, the liver. Instead of passing as a concentrate into the mouth, and directly into the blood.

The oil treats a range of conditions from experience. Depending on the raw material and it’s potency you will have results for cancer, epilepsy, MS, fibromyaligia, etc. Everything connected to the nerveous system is rooted. Note this is not enough on it’s own. Best if a full dietary change, exercise for ex yoga, fresh air and water, changing habbits helps. The oil are solely a buffr in a period where the body needs great change. Dosis is around a spoon per day. Best is to feel the effects and constantly change the dosis to the preferred effect. Every individual has different tolerance.

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