How CBD Helped Our Customer Get Off 6 Pharmaceutical Drugs – Real Testimonial Video video

Carolyn contacted us and telling us how much our CBD products changed her life and that she wanted to make this video to spread the word about our company. We we’re extremely happy to hear how it has helped her and without hesitating we said yes. We were not expecting to get a testimonial video like this but we’re really happy and fortunate to have a customer make a video like this since people would not go out of their way for something like this.. but it changed her life so much that she wanted to spread the word.

Our CBD extract helped her get off 6 pharmaceutical medications that were prescribed by her doctor and she’s hoping she can get off adderall now but she mentions how she cut her dose drastically. Her doctor also noticed a huge difference in her blood work ever since taking our CBD extract and she continues to use it every single day.

Our company, Colorado Botanicals, focuses on extracting CBD with other cannabinoids and importantly, terpenes. This ensures the customer feels the entourage effect of a spectrum of compounds instead of just CBD alone which is what the market is filled with.

Extracting CBD isn’t really that difficult if you know what you’re doing and you have experience with the different methods and handling of the equipment. However, extracting CBD and purifying the extract with other critical components intact like terpenes is complicated and requires a great deal of expertise.

We have over 2 years of experience extracting and finding better methods even with having a team who was already very experienced. We’re stand behind our product 100% and that’s why we even offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with our product.

We’re About Giving Back

Our mission has not only been to strive to go beyond any other company in quality, but to heal and impact peoples lives. The beauty of the work we do is that at the end of the day we’re helping and improving the health and well-being of our customers. When our founders started our company they had two goals and that was to change the way people heal and to give back to people as much as we can. In our efforts to give back we have pledged to donate 5% of profits to Make-A-Wish Charity Foundation.

Make-A-Wish Foundation is aimed to make a better place for children under the age of 18, especially those who suffer from life-threatening medical conditions and we couldn’t be prouder to support a great cause.

We Want You to do Your Due Diligence

We can go on all day talking about why our product is great but we want YOU to do your research into what sets the bad, good, and the great different from each other. It’s obvious how much CBD products have come into the market and we want you to understand that there is a wide marginal difference between the quality of extracts. Just because the product contains CBD does not mean it’s as effective to other CBD extracts.

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