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Holistic Options for Lyme Disease and Other Health Issues

Have you or a loved one suffered with Lyme disease? If you live anywhere in the Tri-State area, chances are, you or someone you know have had the symptoms that may be associated with Lyme Disease. It’s frustrating when you know something is wrong but the Dr’s are not getting a positive test for Lyme or other.

Watch this two part series as Debbie and Tara, The Wellness Sherpa’s talk with Frank Clark, researcher and lifelong pharmacist. Frank will be discussing holistic options to address Lyme Disease and other health issues showing up as unidentified aches and pains.

The second part of this two part series will focus on Olive Leaf, CBD Oil, the Rife Treatment and some of the holistic benefits associated with these natural supplements and remedies.

These show segments are not designed to give medical advice, simply to share the personal learning and research of its guests.

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