Spring Blizzard Xanto, Snow in Africa, Arctic Ice Recovers, Media Distracts (581) video

With all of the media distractions underway, you know that a look right while the real action is looking left, which would be blizzards across the US and Canadian grain belts that will prevent planting until mid May at best. Spring blizzard Xanto rolls across the land shattering snow and clod records, decimating anything that bloomed, sprouted, budded , emerged or started growing already this spring. The agricultural losses will be stupendous, and add o the fact that two more winter storms are on the way, uhmmmm I mean two more BLIZZARDS. Heavy snow in Morocco, Spain, France and thick hail in Italy will round it out.

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Ice coverage Arctic April……
Spring Blizzard Xanto……………………………
Farm Fields in USA snow covered…
Blizzard Xanto Satellite…
Snow Totals USA April 08, 2018…………
Record Cold…
Blizzard USA
Snow in Spain………
Snow Morocco…
Cherry blossom � blooms in DC come later and later…

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