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I started taking the CBD oil from Spruce in the beginning of May. I was in so much chronic pain every day because of the arthritis in my knees, the bone spurs, a herniated disk in my back and arthritis in my hands.
I had never taken CBD before and didn’t think it would really help much. I could barely walk up stairs, open anything or sleep without elevating my knees. I had a lot of swelling behind my knee which made it painful to sit or once seated, I could barely get up. I had an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic specialist in 2 months to discuss knee replacement and cortisone shots.
When I recieved my CBD oil from Spruce, I started taking it right away. The very next day I felt the results! The swelling in my knee went down. I could walk better, go up and down the stairs better and didn’t have to elevate my knee to sleep. After about a week of taking it, I felt so much better. All the swelling has gone from my knees. I can walk without using a cane. I can sleep normally. I can stand without my back hurting.
I even gave a little to my daughter for her hip pain and she felt better. When I went to the orthopedic doctor July 1st, there was nothing they had to do. I told them about the CBD oil and they told me to keep taking it. My pharmacist even noticed the change. She told me I didn’t look like I was in constant pain as I did before.
I tell everyone about this product and where to get it. I LOVE this oil. I love not feeling broken down. I loved being able to sit and get up without pain. Walk without pain. Bend and stand without pain. If I could I would give the CBD oil 10 stars.
If you are in pain and don’t want to take pain pills or if like me they make you severely sick and are tired of hurting, then I highly recommend getting the CBD oil from Spruce. Their product and their customer service is excellent!


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