Can You Get High Vaping CBD? Does CBD Vape Juice Get You Stoned? video

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There is a lot of confusion about hemp and cannabis these days.
Technically marijuana and industrial hemp are both varieties of cannabis sativa.

So when people vape CBD or hemp extract, they might wonder if it will intoxicate them.
The short answer is that vaping e-liquid with CBD isolate will not get you high. CBD does not directly effect the CBD1 receptors in the brain like THC. There is no intoxicating effect.

If you vape full-spectrum hemp extract – that’s a different story. Full spectrum usually means that there are trace amounts of THC – less than .3% by weight.

However, a high-strength hemp extract vape liquid may contain as much as 80 mg of THC per 30 ml bottle.

80 mg is enough to get even the most veteran pot smoker high. However, it’s thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients so you would have to sit down and vape a good percentage of the contents to consume a significant amount of THC.

But a legal bottle of hemp extract will contain at least 20 times more CBD than THC. CBD tends to counteract the effects of THC.
So it is highly unlikely that you will get high from vaping legal CBD/hemp extract. So don’t try.

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