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Can you vape too much CBD? What if you get an excessive amount of CBD into your body? What happens?

Well, It is possible to vape too much, but the consequences are not serious. You shouldn’t vape an inordinate amount of CBD hemp extract, but don’t worry. I’ll tell you the what happens when you do and how to avoid it.

The main thing to remember is that CBD is considered safe – even in high doses. You cannot overdose on CBD as you can on other drugs. Opioids and alcohol affect your brain stem. Your medulla, which is part of your brain stem, controls your respiration and heart beat. Opiods slow it down – or shut it down completely if you OD.

CBD (and THC as well) on the other hand does not affect your brain stem. That’s why there are no recorded OD’s from cannabis.

Additionally, CBD is not toxic. You would have to take over 200,000 puff of CBD in 15 minutes to cause asy real harm to yourself.

So you don’t have to worry health-wise about vaping too much CBD. But what are the consequences of vaping excessive CBD hemp extract?

After a certain point, you’re basically just wasting CBD. Once your CB2 receptors are filled up, they just don’t take up anymore CBD
You breath in more vapor than you have to
You may feel slightly sleepy
You may feel a little stimulated
Your throat may become slightly irritated
You may feel a tingle on the back of your neck

So, you see the effects of too much CBD vaping are not very serious. So how do you avoid it?

Vape mindfully, learn how to inhale properly, take notes on how different strengths work for you and how many puffs you need, buy a vape mod that monitors puffs, and don’t make vaping CBD a nervous habit – use it as a wellness tool.

Take a thoughtful approach to vaping CBD and you will find out the exact amount that works for you – and not much more.

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