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Choosing which disposable CBD vape pen is the best for you can be difficult. There are a lot of things to take into account- CBD strength, taste and price point are all deciding factors before you click ‘add to cart’. In this video, we’re looking at two of the most popular CBD vape pens currently on the market, the CBDfx Terpene Vape Pen, and the CBDistillery Vape Pen. Both are strong contenders for your business, but which company is right for you?

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For CBDfx it’s their use of terpenes that keep us coming back. We’ve seen CBDfx put some serious thought into how they’re included, and the end result is a disposable vape pen product range that is filled with some of your favorite flavors. They’ve really made a mark with a promise of full flavor at a price point that is kinder than most, backed by all the benefits that terpenes bring to CBD products. Studies have suggested that the use of terpenes can increase the efficacy of CBD, and CBDfx has used this to their advantage.

CBDistillery, on the other hand, has focused on the chemicals in the vape juice itself, opting to use Tec Temper over more traditional carriers like PG or VG. Tec Temper is a new kind of thinning or liquidating agent and is being touted as the next step for e-liquid carriers. It’s essentially an antioxidant and an anti-irritant and due to the way it behaves when heated, doesn’t release hazardous or toxic compounds. It’s all-natural and is made with organic ingredients. In essence, this means it’s kind to your throat and lungs while still giving you the ability to create great, billowing clouds at a moments notice-something that’s rare for a disposable pen.

These are two fantastic products with some serious science backing them up, so what do we prefer? And more importantly, which one is right for you?

The pens themselves are relatively similar- both are easy to use, just puff and play. One nice feature with the CBDistillery pen is its clear chamber, which allows you to see how much oil you have left. With the exception of the branding choices, both pens are well constructed- no issues here.

The differences begin with the strength- CBDfx’s disposable vape pen weighs in at at modest 50mg of CBD per pen, whereas CBDistilleries is 200mg. This means the pricing for the CBDistilleries disposable pen is slightly higher, and this may be something you want to take into consideration. One of the benefits of disposable vape pens is their pocket friendly pricing when compared to traditional vape kits, and CBDfx has created one of the cheapest options available. This of course means you sacrifice on strength, but that’s where CBDfx’s love of terpenes comes into play.

Terpenes in CBD create what is known as the ‘entourage effect’. Essentially they work in synergy with the other compounds present in the CBD oil, increasing its effectiveness and absorption rate. This means that while each pen contains just 50mg of CBD, that’s 50mg of CBD living it’s best life and realising it’s full potential. Instead of bumping up the strength, CBDfx have gone back to the drawing board and made what they already have more effective. As the saying goes, there’s always room for improvement, and you can tell from the first puff that CBDfx have taken this to heart.

CBDistillery have chosen an alternative route, focusing on large clouds, big flavor and bigger doses. The end result is a disposable pen that gives you a surprisingly solid hit that we usually associate with more expensive vaping kits. The choice to use Tec Temper oil has well and truly paid off, and the CBDistillery Disposable Vape pen is a joy to use.

Flavor wise, each pen has its own unique characteristics and a range of flavors to choose from. For our money however, CBDfx just pips CBDistillery to the post on this one. We used GG#4 for CBDistillery and Gelato for CBDfx and while they are both full of flavor, CBDfx’s in-depth knowledge of the right terpenes made our decision for us. Of course, taste is always a personal choice, and we wouldn’t presume to tell you what you like, just bear in mind that CBDfx has a proven track record of blending complex flavor profiles to great effect.

As you can see, a lot rides on personal preference, so which disposable CBD vape pen is best?
Ultimately, the final decision is yours, and we hope this breakdown can help you consider your options. Of course, we know which one we prefer- check out the video for our thoughts which pen is best overall, and for a 15% discount on purchases from both CBDistillery and CBDfx!

✅15% Off Coupon Code for CBDfx and CBDistillery: Bestdosage
➡️Explore the CBDfx vape pens here:
➡️Explore the CBDistillery vape pens here:

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