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The G-17 Oil/Wax/BHO Vaporizer Pen is a portable Vape, and is compact enough to carry around with you anywhere. This portable vaporizer is specifically engineered for wax/BHO This discreet, small vaporizer device can fit conveniently anywhere.

G-17 Essential Oil vaporizer pen has a fitted mouthpiece cap that will remain in one single piece, neatly tucked in your purse or pocket. The G-17 Oil Vaporizer Pen Works Best for BHO and is available at

How To Use The G-17 Vaporizer Pen:
True to its name, the G-17 Vape produces huge hits of vapor with the ability to choke you out if you are not ready.. The best thing about this pen is that it is very easy to use and is small. . All you have to do is pack it, press the button and inhale. All of the pieces of the unit are made out of metal or ceramic, the vapor that is produced tastes clean and flavorful. The G-17 Vaporizer is made for oils and waxes only, and is extremely simple to load. This is not for dry herbs.

Do not attempt to use dry herb or any concentrate that is not full-melt; it will only burn whatever is in contact with the coil and will leave a mess of the cartridge. If you make a mistake with some concentrate you thought was full-melt, do not worry because the g-17 vape pen has you covered.

Included in the box:

– G-17 Vaporizer
-Gift box

Pick one up at—cloud-wax-vape.html

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