GordoTEK DMT Vaping Technique and DIY Vape Tool (Effective No Smoke Method) video

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There are many techniques out there for inhaling DMT, unfortunately many of them result in inhaling smoke and impurities or just don’t work very well, often they waste DMT and are especially difficult for a novice.

The questions to ask when considering any solution to inhaling DMT:
Does the tool have enough space to contain the vapor? Is it a sealed system? Can it be used to vaporize without burning, meaning around 300 degrees F (150C)? Will it leave contaminants behind or are you likely to inhale them? Will you have to inhale very hot vapor? Will you have to operate a heating device while under the influence of a powerful mind altering substance? Is it easy or foolproof?

With the method I describe in this video, there are no compromises and its nearly foolproof. Can it be done using other methods? Yes it can, but it probably won’t be ideal.

You may also be wondering about the e-cig or other electronic vaporizers – these do not consistently work well for DMT. There are some positive reports, typically followed by lots of complaints of various problems: difficulty in controlling dosage, poor vaporization, leaks, wicking issues, temp control, burning, coil issues, battery issues, harshness or too hot, etc. Perhaps one day there will be a device that works well for DMT, but as of now I can’t recommend it. What about dabbing? Some people like that method, I don’t personally think its a good idea. Messing with a hot nail and/or fragile equipment while using DMT, or even dealing with the butane torch is a hassle at best, dangerous at worst (depending on setup you may also end up inhaling excessivly hot vapor as well as any contamination from your spice, you may also burn the DMT resulting in harsh smoke). The GordoTEK method keeps it simple, you only inhale pure DMT, its easy to load, vaporize, and clean. Any impurities are simply left in the foil which can be thrown away after every use. Its just an easy solution that works well and is inexpensive.

ALWAYS PUT SAFETY FIRST (read the DMT-Nexus Health & Safety Wiki & Stickies):

If you want to buy a GordoTEK Dream Maker Tool (I’m only making limited quantities, its more trouble than its worth for me):

Here is the gem scale I recommend (around $20). Required for proper dosing (important).

Heat gun is optional you can use a lighter, this heat gun not only has great reviews and a reasonable price, but I know for a fact it vaporizes DMT very well on its “low” setting:

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