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How much CBD do you get per puff of CBD/hemp extract? That is a tough question to answer because there are at least a dozen variables:
The potency of the CBD vape liquid, the lung capacity of the vaper, the duration of the inhalation, the mod you’re using, the coil you’re using, the settings on your mod.

So how can you tell how much CBD you get with each puff of CBD vape.

Well, you could just not worry about it. You can just vape until you fell better, That’s called titration. That is helpful because your level of discomfort is not always the same.

But maybe you would like a general idea of CBD/drag. Well, let’s get you a good approximation.

So a good puff on a CBD vape pen is 3 seconds and a good drag on a sub-ohm mod is about a full second.

For a vape pen with 500 mg of CBD you can figure an average of about 1.5 mg of CBD per puff – less if you’re a smaller person, more if you’re bigger.

For a sub-ohm mod – if your vape juice is 1000 mg/30 ml you can figure on an average of .5 mg/puff – again that’s for a “average” sized person.

To get a more precise estimate you should count how many puff it takes for you to consume 1 ml of vape juice, then it will be easy to figure your CBD/puff.

Make sure you start with a fully primed coil and then add 1 ml of CBD vape juice. Count the puffs until the bottom of the tank is dry.

My number was 50. So if I have a 30 ml bottle of 1000 mg CBD vape, I will get about 1500 puffs per 1000 mg of CBD. That’s .67 mg per puff.

Those are my results, but everyone should do their own test – don’t do it at one sitting. Use the puff counter on your mod or just keep score on a piece of paper. . Remember to keep your puffs consistent.

It’s an enjoyable and educational experiment.

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