The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens Of 2019 [CBDfx or SelectCBD or CBDistillery] video

Out of all of the CBD Vape pens we’ve tried during 2019, CBDfx, Select CBD and CBDistillery are our three favorite brands. They’re all CBD industry titans in their own right, and running through a combined list of their credentials would take a long time. So long in fact, that we hope you take our word for it when we say they have been picked for good reason. Each brand has a proven track record for reliability, quality control, and excellent service.

Creating the best disposable CBD vape pens on the market is no mean feat, and there are a lot of options to choose from. Disposable vape pens are a great way to microdose your CBD, so picking one that works well for you is essential. We’re so confident that we’ve chosen the best disposable CBD vape pens for you that we’ve partnered with each brand to give you an exclusive discount on your first purchase!

We love the CBDfx range of products, and we’re not the only ones. They’re easy to use website has over 4500 reviews, as well as full 3rd party lab reports for every product. CBDfx’s transparent approach to selling CBD is one of the things that keeps us coming back for more, and their disposable CBD vape pens are also on that list.

We like to use the CBDfx disposable vape pen alongside their other CBD products, and highly recommend you do too. Disposable CBD pens are a fantastic addition to your daily CBD routine and work best when used in tandem with oils or edibles. Microdosing is the watchword here.

Each pen contains 30mg of high-quality CBD, and you can choose from a wide range of fruity and terpene infused flavors. We love Gelato and Blue Raspberry but there is something for everyone, and they all taste delicious. CBDfx’s website is our firm favorite when it comes to the user experience, both on PC and phones. It’s intuitive, easy to use and allows you to order one of the best CBD vape pens of 2019 with just a few clicks. Just remember to use our discount code when ordering!

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Full disclosure- The SelectCBD spearmint vape pen is one of our all-time favorites. If you live on the West Coast this is the pen you’ll see most at dispensaries- you’ll probably recognize the teal-colored branding on the shelves. Along with CBDfx, SelectCBD is leaders in the disposable CBD vape market, with both being known for high quality and amazing flavors.

The pen packs 250mg of CBD into each pen, and it’s a range of flavors have a natural botanical theme. We love their spearmint flavor the most- you can taste it instantly from the first puff, and the flavor lingers delicately after you exhale. The mint blast is a welcome change from other sickly sweet brands, and will definitely appeal to those of us who want to feel minty fresh.

As expected the build quality is high, and the pen works perfectly straight out of the packaging. SelectCBD states that every 2-second draw delivers about 1mg of CBD, and the effects come on within 15 minutes. Overall a well built, great-tasting pen that works exactly as it should. Use the coupon code below when you purchase yours!

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CBDistillery sells high quality 100% natural CBD vapes that are derived from non-GMO industrial hemp grown with natural farming practices. They come in a range of CBD terpene filled flavors like grape, granddaddy purp, lavender vanilla, and even GG#4, all in a well made disposable vape pen.

This vape fits in well to your daily CBD routine, and when used alongside other CBDistillery products, should easily address your CBD needs. We love their sleepy time gummies as well, so having this pen to microdose during the day, and the gummies for sleep works brilliantly. The pen allows for fast acting relief at a moments notice, and its handy clear chamber lets you know how much CBD you have left.

There’s 200mg in each pen, which puts them at mid range on this list. Due to the way we use vape pens however, strength isn’t the be all and end all. These pens are great for ‘in-the-moment’ relief from daily stressors, which can be achieved at lower strengths just as well. That said this pen packs a nice hit which will carry you through to your next CBD top up with ease. We highly recommend their Strawberry Lemonade flavor- make sure to use our discount code when you order yours.

🚨 Coupon Code: BESTDOSAGE
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