Vape Loft Trussville – Vape Store in Trussville, E-Cigs, E-Juices, Mods, RDAs video Looking for the best vape stores in Birmingham AL? The Vape Loft in Trussville is a great place for all your vape supplies. E-Cigs, E-Juices, RDAs, RBAs, Mods and more for the novice vape user or the seasoned vape enthusiast.

The Vape Loft is boutique vape store with three locations in Birmingham AL to serve you. We specialize in helping smokers quit smoking and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We offer the best quality E-Juices, Vapor Products, and High End Dripper products.

To start off here are a few basic things you’ll need to know about Vaping for Beginners and what we carry at The Vape Loft in Trussville.

A “mod” is the housing that contains the battery. This is what powers the heating of the coil that produces the vapor.
A “tank” is where the liquid is stored. It attaches to the battery and uses a wick system to carry the juice to the coil.
A “drip tip” is where you inhale from. It attaches to the top of the tank.
“e-Juice” is the flavored liquid that will be heated to produce the vapor you inhale. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from.
A battery charger is needed and can be used via USB or power outlet.

Vape Store Birmingham AL
Vape Store Trussville AL

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