Vaping CBD Makes Me Cough – What to Do if Your CBD Vape is Harsh video

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Vaping CBD is wonderful – unless it makes the back of your feel like you just swallowed some burlap.

Most CBD vape products are made for a wide market and are fairly mild. But even some of these can cause an annoying tickle in your throat that forces a few dry coughs out of you.

Veteran weed smokers are very, very familiar with this feeling. But newbies to vaping and also some experienced vapeheads might be surprised at the harshness of certain CBD vape juices and vape oils.

In my opinion, it’s the terpenes that are the culprit. Even though they are beneficial, they are very strong chemical compounds that hit your airways pretty hard when heated up.

In this video I talk about a chart of various CBD vape products – from MCT vape oil all the way to high-terp CBD slabs. And I explain how harsh or mild each one is.

I also give tips on how to avoid the harsh effects of CBD vapor.
Pick the right product
Have a glass of cold water at hand
Suck on a menthol cough drop before hand
Vape at low temps, wattages and voltages
Learn how to inhale CBD vapor properly
Tough it out

The most important thing to remember is to not let a few coughs keep you from vaping CBD. There are many options out there and the whole CBD vaping experience should be a pleasant, calming one.

So watch this video and see how to avoid the cough.

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