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CBD is exploding in popularity and it represents a new approach to wellness. We now have the opportunity to find out what works best for each one of us. The choices are so varied that ANYONE can find relief – even if it takes a little self-experimentation.

The flip side is that people have plenty of questions. One of the main questions is what is the best way to take CBD? There are gummies and CBD coffee and tablets and creams and tinctures and CBD vape products. But what is the most effective way to get CBD into your system where it can do its good work?

Well, edibles get a lot of attention. But they are just a fad that will be gone soon. Because they are silly, but mainly because they are the least effective method. Up to 95% of the CBD is wasted in your digestive system.

Topical creams are designed for skin problems and specific areas of pain. So if you are taking CBD for anxiety or general wellness, this is not a good option.

So that leaves sublingual tinctures and CBD vaping. These are the two most popular methods of consuming CBD.

What’s better – inhaling CBD or dropping some CBD tincture under your tongue? Is it more effective to get CBD into your lungs or absorb it through the membranes beneath your tongue?

In this video we compare CBD drip vs CBD vape to see who comes out on top.

We will have seven rounds to see which is better for speed, bioavailability, cost, duration, convenience, safety and dosing.

We keep score and explain why which CBD consumption method won its round.

Watch who wins each round until the final method is crowned.

Here is a little spoiler – they each have their advantages and disadvantages. They are both tools in the new CBD wellness movement and can be used alternately or together.

So watch the battle between CBD vaping and CBD sublingual tincture and see what’s best for you.

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