Vaping Terpenes – 4 Reasons Why You Should Vape Terpenes and CBD video

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Vaping terpenes? Yes! This video is all about the wonderful experience of vaping CBD with terpenes – in other words – vaping all the incredible phytochemicals that cannabis has to offer. Vaping the whole plant in essence.

A lot of people are exploring vaping CBD for relief of anxiety, pain, depression and insomnia. Additionally the consumer market is being flooded with vape products containing CBD. Most of these have CBD isolate – in other words – CBD alone.

But hemp is loaded with another set of healing compounds called terpenes. These are missing from the vast majority of CBD products out there. Manufacturers discard them because it is costly and time-consuming to preserve them throughout the extraction and refinement processes. This ia a pity because consumers are missing out on the full effect of vaping whole-plant CBD.

This video describes what terpenes are. It explains the dominant terpenes found in hemp. It goes into detail about what benefits they have- how they affect your body and mind. It goes into details about the different types of terpenes and what they are used for.

The video also explains the entourage effect. This is the effect of all of hemps elements working together to produce the best possible results from vaping a CBD vape juice.

We later briefly describe hemp processing – distillation versus CO2 extraction. We talk about removing the plant lipids by winterization vs. dewaxing and the results they have of the terpene level of the finished product.

Then we give you a list of questions you can ask a producer to make the right choice in finding a terpene-rich, full spectrum CBD vape juice or oil.

Armed with this knowledge, you can experience the entourage effect for yourself.

Breath in the goodness of CBD!

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