Wax Vape Pen Slim Jim Wax Vape Pen By Rasta Vape video Wax Vape Pen by Rasta Vape Check out this vape pen!

The Slim Jim Wax Vape is the ultimate electronic pen for wax or BHO. It easily turns on with the simple push of the button. The end lights up and it looks just like an e-cig!
Don’t let the size of this electronic vaporizer pen trick you. It will put out a large cloud of vapor and choke you bad!

It also has a very large coil. Please see the video below to see this electronic vaporizer pen in action. This electronic pen also comes with an extra chamber so you can fill both of them and simply change chambers on your electronic vape pen after the first chamber goes empty.

You can pick one up here :–slim-jim.html

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