West Coat Hemp CBD After the Farm Bill video

In December 2018, President Trump signed the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (better known as the “Farm Bill”), paving the way for de-scheduling hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. Despite this landmark legislation, the legality of many industrial-hemp derived cannabidiol (“CBD”) products is in question now more than ever, with different states and federal agencies taking vastly different approaches on every facet of the hemp CBD industry.

If you are a hemp CBD business or are interested in the state and future of hemp CBD legality, this webinar entitled “West Coast Hemp CBD After the Farm Bill” is for you. During the presentation, Harris Bricken lawyers Daniel Shortt (Seattle, Washington), Nathalie Bougenies (Portland, Oregon), and Griffen Thorne (Los Angeles, California) provide you with an overview of what the Farm Bill did and did not change, as well as some of the ramifications of the Farm Bill on the three west coast states (Washington, Oregon, and California). Our team also discusses the state of the laws and regulations in each state. Some of the topics covered include:

• The future of hemp permitting;
• Implications of the Farm Bill on Internal Revenue Code section 280E, as well as banking and intellectual property for hemp CBD businesses;
• CBD in food, beverages, vape cartridges, oils, topicals, and other products; and
• The Food and Drug Administration’s role in hemp CBD.

With moderator Hilary Bricken, our panel of attorneys will also addresses audience questions throughout the presentation.

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