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CBD is a movement. It is a huge change in wellness. It’s a sort of revolution.

But unfortunately, not everyone can participate.

There are certain conditions that make vaping CBD risky for some people. Some of it has to do with vaping itself. And some of it has to do with CBD.

CBD is real medicine. It is technically a pharmaceutical drug. It has reall effects on the human body, and unlike a lot of supplements, interactions could occur and cause potential problems.

Most of the issue have to do with pre-existing health conditions and/or prescription medications.

Before vaping CBD or taking it in any form – CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR – especially if you have health problems.

Here is a list of people who shouldn’t vae CBD

People with respiratory problems – COPD, allergies, asthma

People on blood thinners – CBD boosts the effectveness of blood thinners

People with Parkinson’s – It aggravates symtoms

Women taking oral contraceptives – CBD counteracts imbalances of hormones

Anyone taking a prescription med that uses the liver enzyme P450 to metabolize. If your medicine says “Don’t drink grapefruit juice” , ask your doctor before taking CBD

Children – anyone under 18 should not vape anything

Women who are pregnant or nursing should always be extra cauti

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